LEGO® DUPLO® Modular Playhouse

LEGO® DUPLO® Modular Playhouse
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All kids love playing house and pretending to be mom and dad. You can now join in on your kid’s fun with this easy-to-build, open and accessible dollhouse! The LEGO® DUPLO® Modular Playhouse playset for toddlers provides many opportunities to play and learn. Allow your toddlers to learn about everyday life, such as cooking, mealtime and bedtime routines as you both share imaginative role-play fun. The playset includes mom, dad and child figures, plus a pet dog and a teddy bear. You’ll be able to share endless precious developmental moments with your preschooler as you explore play possibilities together. There are so many opportunities to have fun with this set - you can rebuild the same pieces as a tower house, and then again as a residential house! LEGO® DUPLO® learning toys make the perfect educational toys for toddlers, giving kids hands-on, open-ended, role-play fun with endless developmental benefits.

  • With this easy-to-assemble, open and accessible, 3-in-1 dollhouse playset, toddlers develop their fine motor, social and emotional skills as they build, play, redesign and play again.
  • This versatile playhouse has a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom. It's packed with realistic details, such as an opening fridge. Includes mom, dad, child, dog and teddy bear figures, plus many fun accessories.
  • This playset makes a great gift for toddlers aged 2 and over, as it gives them the opportunity to explore, discover and learn.
  • The main playhouse measures over 14” (36cm) high, 15” (39cm) wide and 3” (10cm) deep. To expand the play possibilities even further, integrate this versatile playset with other LEGO® DUPLO® playsets.
  • No batteries are required for this LEGO® toy! All you need is your little one’s imagination.
  • Open this 3-in-1 dollhouse’s box and the building, playing and learning begins immediately. Simple instructions for parents and toddlers provide ideas and inspiration for instant enjoyment.
  • LEGO® DUPLO® playsets meet the highest industry standards, which ensures they are easy for little fingers to pick up, place and pull apart – it's been that way since 1969.
  • At The LEGO Group, we drop, squash, twist, heat, bite, bend, scratch and stretch LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and pieces to make sure every building set meets the highest global safety and quality standards.