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Indiana Jones™ LEGO® temple building set
Indiana Jones™ fans can relive the action from the Raiders of the Lost Ark film with a toy temple featuring 4 minifigures.
Fun build and epic film adventures
LEGO® fans can enjoy a rewarding build before they join Indiana Jones™ on action-packed adventures.
LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Escape from the Lost Tomb
Authentic film details
Authentic film details
The tomb is packed with snakes.
Toppling statue
Toppling statue
The Anubis statue can fall and break through a wall.
4 minifigures
4 minifigures
Indiana Jones™, Marion Ravenwood™, Sallah™ and a mummy.
Enjoy bigger Indiana Jones™ adventures
Other sets in the range (sold separately) include Fighter Plane Chase (77012) and Temple of the Golden Idol (77015).
Enter a new world of building
Builders can zoom in and rotate sets in 3D and track their progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO® Builder app.
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