Rebuild the most iconic buildings, cityscapes, and metropolises on the planet with LEGO® Architecture. From world-famous landmarks to much-loved sports stadiums, this collection contains numerous designs that will challenge advanced builders. Many of our architecture sets also make for excellent display pieces.

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Take charge and become mayor, architect, city planner and police chief with the LEGO® City collection. Sound like too much pressure? Don’t worry, with LEGO you control the adventure. Let your imagination run away with you and enter a world that you can build, tear down and rebuild at a moment's notice. 

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Get your kids thinking creatively with our LEGO® Classic collection. Featuring sets that are suitable for children of all ages (even really big kids!), LEGO® Classic sets guarantee fun for all the family. Ideal for those children who love to let their imagination take over, our LEGO® Classic range provides the building blocks for endless adventures. 

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Creator 3-in-1

Discover the transformational power of LEGO with our LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 collection. Each set contains the pieces required to build three different designs, extending build and play time and illustrating just how creative you can get with LEGO. Our LEGO® Creator sets also vary in complexity, ensuring there’s something for every age group. 

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Creator Expert

Prove yourself a true LEGO master builder with the LEGO® Creator Expert series. From classic cars and iconic landmarks to fairground rides and modular houses, the LEGO® Creator Expert collection guarantees extended build time and a greater challenge.

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DC Super Heroes

Enter the DC Universe and join your favorite superheroes in battling the most dangerous villains known to man with our LEGO® DC Universe™ Super Heroes series. Recreate famous scenes from the DC movies, create your own incredible stories and adventures, and become a true LEGO® superhero.

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Inspiring creative play for over 50 years, our LEGO® Duplo sets help unlock the power of your little one’s big imagination.

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Enter the fairy tale world of Disney and recreate your favorite scenes from some of the best-loved animated movies of all-time with the LEGO® Disney series. Build spectacular castles, magic towers, and enchanted treasure chests and unleash your imagination to act out classic Disney movements. Whether you’re role-playing Frozen or rewriting the script for Cinderella, our LEGO® Disney sets will help you find your own fairy tale ending.

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Build, play, and hang out with your besties with the LEGO® Friends collection. Focused around the fictional Heartlake City, LEGO® Friends follows five girlfriends who live in a colorful world of endless fun. From weekend glamping trips to baking competitions, you can build new friendships and strengthen old ones as you create your own LEGO adventures.

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Harry Potter™

Wands at the ready! Build the magic with our LEGO® Harry Potter series. 

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Hidden Side™

Enter a spooky, interactive world in which the paranormal lurks behind every corner and join a fearless gang of ghost hunters with our LEGO® Hidden Side series. Build LEGO® sets and interact with them through the free Hidden Side app in a thrill-a-minute adventure game that combines real-world building skills and digital fun.

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Make your dream LEGO set a reality and build models designed by fellow LEGO fans with the LEGO® Ideas series. Featuring original concepts, iconic cartoon characters, and scenes from your favorite TV shows and movies, LEGO® Ideas features designs made BY real LEGO builders, FOR real LEGO builders.

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Jurassic World™

Build a world in which dinosaurs still roam the earth or recreate scenes from your favorite pre-historic movie series with our LEGO® Jurassic World series.

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LEGO® Art sets offer adult builders an escape from everyday life as they deliver a special LEGO building experience for anyone with an interest in art, music or movies. From influential artists, well-known musicians and famous movie characters, collectible LEGO Art sets make perfect wall-art display pieces in the home or office. Every set comes with an information booklet, plus a complimentary Soundtrack for deeper immersion while building and rebuilding.

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LEGO® Batman

Join the Dark Knight in his battle against Gotham City’s most fearsome villains with our LEGO® Batman sets. Be it the Batmobile, Batcycle, or Batcave, we give you the bricks to build your own Batman-themed adventures. 

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LEGO® DOTS gives kids a canvas to be bold and never stop creating. They can design fun and funky bracelets that show their personality or create customized home décor items like pencil holders and picture frames, all using colorful designs and unique decorated tiles.

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LEGO® Frozen 2

Recreate magic moments from the most popular Disney sequel of all-time with our LEGO® Disney Frozen II collection. Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Sven on their second round of icy adventures and write your own thrilling Frozen tales with the help of your LEGO sets and minifigures. 

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LEGO® Marvel

Enter the iconic Marvel Universe and use our LEGO® Marvel sets to team up with the world’s most powerful superheroes and save the planet. LEGO Avengers assemble! 

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LEGO® Minions

Bring Gru’s lovable henchmen to life with new LEGO® Minions playsets.

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LEGO® Spider-Man

Is your spidey sense tingling? Must be our new LEGO® Spider-Man sets. Whether you’re recreating scenes from the movies or heading out on your own web-slinging adventures, our LEGO® Spider-Man models bring one of the greatest cartoon heroes of all-time to life.

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LEGO® Super Mario™

Bring your favorite character into the real world with LEGO® Super Mario™ playsets! Get started with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course, featuring LEGO Mario™ – he can react in a great variety of ways as he takes on enemies and collects coins. Rearrange the course and combine with Expansion Sets to build your own levels and compete against your friends. And explore the LEGO Super Mario app for cool digital building tools, great gameplay ideas and to share your awesome creations!

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LEGO® Trolls World Tour

Make sweet, sweet music and head out on imaginative adventures alongside your favorite Trolls characters with our LEGO® Trolls World Tour series. Ideal for fans of the Trolls movies, our models allow you to recreate hilarious scenes, invent your own stories, and bring together all the Troll musicians for the greatest concert in Troll history! 

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Create, code and command remarkable robotic designs with our LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 series. The most popular LEGO release ever, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® allows you to design and build robots that walk, talk, and interact with their immediate environment in an endless array of inventive ways. 

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Bring the world’s most popular video game to life with our LEGO® Minecraft™ series. Transform the block-based game into a brick-based reality and inspire your child’s creativity with our collection of themed sets. Featuring cool characters and much-loved in-game locations, you can invent your own imaginative LEGO® Minecraft™ adventures.

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Train to become a true master of Spinjitzu and join Master Lloyd and his band of skillful ninjas with our LEGO® NINJAGO sets. Build your favorite scenes and moments from the NINJAGO TV shows and movie and imagine your own adventures in a NINJAGO universe that’s overflowing with cool characters, locations, and stories.

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Bring the action to life and build your favorite Heroes and in-game locations with our LEGO® Overwatch® series. 

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Powered UP

Get your LEGO creations moving and bring your designs to life with pieces from the LEGO® Powered UP series.

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Speed Champions

Jump behind the wheel, strap yourself in, and start that engine - it’s time for LEGO® Speed Champions. Featuring classic motors, speed demons, track specialists, and monster trucks, you can build designs from some of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, including Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche. 

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Star Wars™

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… your child set off on an imaginative intergalactic adventure with their favorite LEGO® Star Wars™ sets. Build and recreate your favorite moments from the greatest movie saga of all-time, then pick up your lightsaber, pocket your blaster and refuel the Falcon, because you’re heading out to battle the Sith with nothing more than the help of Star Wars™ heroes, LEGO, and your own invincible imagination!

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Stranger Things

Enter the strange and spooky world of LEGO® Stranger Things and try and find your way out of the Upside Down with the help of your favorite characters from the hit Netflix series. 

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Get technical and take on a true challenge with our LEGO® Technic series. From steering systems to piston engines, you’ll piece together real-world mechanical functions to bring complex designs to life and inspire the imagination. Ideal for builders looking to take the next step, LEGO® Technic models rebuild the world with LEGO bricks.

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Toy Story 4

Get the old Toy Story gang back together for one last adventure with the cool and creative sets in the LEGO® Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 series.

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